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- personal message to Woody -

this is (something like) a PM to Woody

As you know, I've been banned from PFT, so I cant reply you there [oooh what such a pity, I'm still crying!!! ROTFL:) ]

by the way I see what you have wrote there. And, as always, I appreciate your clean honest way of confronting and debating.

Me neither have the 200++ bucks to buy ARINC specifications and me neither have the 100% evidence on "handshakings".

There I exposed my opinion (opinion based on Boeing documents, my knowledge about communications, and the others documents I've quoted there), as you did with your.
And I exposed because I believe in what I wrote, because I think that it is reliable with an high rate of confidence.
May be reality is more complex. May be my arguments did not exclude yours. This I dunno.

Anyway, exactly as you, I'm not playing the "who has it biggest" game.
We are simply making hystorical and factual researches.
Sharing, confronting and barinstorming is always welcome.

PS: Hope you will read this few words.


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